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Bible-black Welsh comedy duo do sketches. They’re not a cult. They inhabit irregular folk: Creole exorcists, apelike weirdos, a homemade sex robot. But they’re not a cult. Forget what you’ve heard on the news. Also, forget your family and friends. Don’t think, honey. Thought is a bouncer stopping you from getting into the best nightclub ever: The Death Hilarious! Shed your thoughts, pay £1,000 deposit and come bask in their terrible majesty!

"The Death Hilarious are a macabre late night delight. This darkly impressive debut is packed with countless elements rich, strange and deviantly chilling"

The Scotsman

"A bold and unique new voice in comedy. Even if it is the sort of voice that leaves a chilling, whispered ‘I know where you live’ on your phone"


"a duo not afraid to revel in their own comic filth and debauchery..."
The Skinny



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